Bitcoin Mining Made Easy With GoMining

Bitcoin Mining Made Easy With GoMining


Bitcoin mining is one of the best ways to get involved in the industry, as it directly supports the network and can also pay rather handsomely.

However, the nature of it is particularly technical. It’s very challenging for someone who doesn’t know how to install their own node, support a specific software, or in general – is not very tech-savvy – to handle it.

That said, companies like GoMining are working to make it effortlessly, enabling people who fail to meet the above criteria or simply don’t have enough time to put in to get involved.

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What is GoMining?

GoMining is a Bitcoin mining venture that has been in the industry for over six years. The project makes mining accessible to a wider audience by offering a range of user-friendly options, including decentralized staking and NFT-based mining rewards. In fact, the project was formerly known as GMT but was rebranded to GoMining recently. Speaking on the matter, CEO Mark Zalan said:

“We firmly believe that the blockchain community worldwide needs more clarity and transparency. It has been a core value in all of my previous experiences, and I’m dedicated to maintaining the highest level of openness for GoMining. We understand that our users and stakeholders expect and deserve clear and honest communication, and we’re committed to meeting that expectation.”

The purpose of the rebrand was to create a more recognizable brand umbrella for all of its projects.

The project owns and operates a large number of BTC mining rigs across nine separate data centers that are located in the UAE, Norway, and Kazakhstan.

GoMining and Its Goals

The primary goal of the project is to emphasize the absolute importance of transparency in their own infrastructure. They’ve launched a brand new updated erosion of their website and of their mobile that provides very detailed information. Users can learn more about the project’s background, products, and data centers.

In addition, GoMining has provided a staking reward calculator that lets anyone calculate the profitability of their investment based on the amount and the type of staking. This means users don’t have to do so manually.

The GoMining Token

The GoMining Token (GMT) is the core offering of the project and it gives users two staking options, both of which are supposedly decentralized – fixed and flexible staking. These offer different reward choices that can be paid out in both GMT and BTC.

Fixed staking requires users to lock their GoMining tokens for a fixed period, typically three months, in exchange for a fixed annual percentage yield (APR) of 20%. Flexible staking, on the other hand, offers daily Bitcoin rewards that vary depending on the state of the mining equipment market, mining complexity, BTC price, and overall situation on the cryptocurrency market.

In addition to the above, users can also participate in the innovative NFT project called GoMining NFT that features a range of images of rigs that are supported by mining power – this is what sets them apart.

In essence, the goal is to eliminate the usual hassle that’s associated with mining and yet deliver the benefits of the mining experience.

In addition, GoMining also provides a range of other services, such as:

The company has also received support from numerous public figures, including the undefeated Khabib Murmagomedov. He partnered with GoMining on a special set of NFT series called the Khabib Collection.

In conclusion, GoMining’s primary goal is to provide a transparent and user-friendly mining experience to a wider audience, which is reflected in their innovative products like decentralized staking and NFT-based mining rewards.

The project’s success is evident in the fact that their initial issue has risen nearly five-fold, and they have paid out 1,610 BTC to holders, issued 10,000 NFTs, and increased their overall hash power from 100,000 TH/s to 1,252,467.37 TH/s.

They plan to continue developing their website and mobile app to provide detailed information about their background, products, and data centers. With the project’s market capital raising to $57 million, GoMining seems to be well on its way to achieving its goal of making mining accessible and profitable for everyone. For more information, visit their website.

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