Can Bitcoin Spark Outperform XRP?: A Deep Dive into the Crypto World

Can Bitcoin Spark Outperform XRP?: A Deep Dive into the Crypto World


The crypto ecosystem is one of the fastest-growing industries. With its sheer demand and vital co-existence with technology, blockchain technology is packed with competitive innovation and a relentless hot pursuit for success.

Two projects appear on the radar with stiff competition and intriguing rivalry: XRP and Bitcoin Spark. Although both projects are rooting for supremacy, Bitcoin Spark stands out as the better ecosystem and, thus, the better investment vehicle for enterprising crypto lovers.


Is XRP Decentralized?

XRP is a digital currency designed by Ripple Labs to ease international transactions for financial institutions such as banks. The digital asset is powered by the Ripple network, which experts have ranked among the projects with the most potential to grow.

Despite the good news, Ripple still raises concerns over centralization through a majority of initial token allocation as well as Ripple Labs’ significant effect on the XRP price. Additionally, regulatory pressures from the US financial watchdog, the Securities and Exchange Commission, have drawn investor interest from the Ripple network to Bitcoin Spark.

Bitcoin Spark: Initiating a New Era in Decentralized Finance

Although XRP remains a competitive project, Bitcoin Spark’s utility might have more potential than Ripple’s native token. Bitcoin Spark is a Bitcoin alternative powered by blockchain to provide solutions to the everchanging virtual currency ecology.

The project plans to mint 21 million BTCS tokens as its maximum supply. BTCS is the platform’s native digital asset. Out of the 21 million tokens, 16.45 million will be diverted to mining reward pools for network participants to earn as they manage the network’s operations. This sets the project apart from Bitcoin since it will take longer for the maximum supply of tokens to be obtained through mining.

The initial launch supply of BTCS is capped at 4.55 million tokens, out of which 4 million tokens are being distributed in the ongoing ICO event at a discounted price of $2.50 and an additional bonus of 9%. Besides the ICO bonus for early adoption, Bitcoin Spark members can earn passive income through referrals. The devs have incorporated a referral system that will award participants a 10% commission on any referral that converts to a sale of over $60. Additionally, anyone who signs up with a referral link will also get a 10% bonus.

The Bitcoin Spark network approves and encourages the increase in validator numbers on the network. Unlike networks like Bitcoin, which have massive entry barriers for validator rights, the Bitcoin Spark network is light. This allows the network participants to use low-power devices such as laptops and mobile phones to run validation activities in the background of the devices.

The team is developing applications and software solutions for Mac OS, Android, iOS, and Windows to increase the validator count and reduce the barrier of entry. This application will allow unlimited devices to run through the network and provide valuable processing power for the platform. This processing power will significantly turn the network from a gas network to a feeless network.

The processing power will be lent to clients performing complex virtual tasks such as running complex software blueprints and video rendering. In exchange for the processing power, the clients must pay for the service in BTCS tokens, which will be distributed to miners and a portion allocated to the team behind Bitcoin Spark development. The team will also have an advertisement campaign utilizing unobstructed slots on the platform’s software solutions, including the applications and the website.

Instead of paying transaction fees to cater to the network participants’ rewards and compensations, these two income streams will provide enough cash flow to reward miners and network validators.

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