Dogecoin Breaks Past $0.2 – Is $0.3 Incoming as Dogecoin20 ICO Also Surges?

Dogecoin (DOGE) has finally accomplished what it had been threatening to do for weeks – cleanly break past the $0.20 resistance level.

This surge has led to speculation that the world’s largest meme coin could target the $0.30 level next if momentum is sustained.

While DOGE makes waves, another token turning heads in the meme coin space is Dogecoin20 (DOGE20) – which recently passed the $10 million mark in its initial coin offering.

DOGE Reclaims $0.20 as Calls for $0.30 Rally Intensify

DOGE is now trading at $0.204 after a 17% price pump in the past 48 hours.

This pump has seen Dogecoin not just crack the $0.20 ceiling but close above it on the 1-hour chart.

This represents a significant technical milestone for the meme coin, which last reached these highs on March 5 when it spiked to $0.206 before pulling back.

Now that the $0.20 resistance level has been taken out, analysts are setting their sights on even loftier targets for Dogecoin.

With the momentum shifting in DOGE’s favor, calls for a push toward the next psychological resistance at $0.30 are intensifying.

While still another 46% away, the current speculative energy could propel Dogecoin that far if buying pressure persists.

Fueling Dogecoin’s rally has been a flurry of trading volumes across spot exchanges.

Over $5.5 billion worth of DOGE has changed hands in just the past 24 hours, representing a 77% spike compared to the day before.

Rumored X Integration Chatter Fuels Dogecoin’s Price Pump

There’s speculation that Dogecoin’s surge could be due to rumors swirling around its potential integration into X (formerly Twitter).

Chatter around Dogecoin payments being implemented on X has been rampant in the past few months – and one X team member recently teased that “2024 will be the year of X Payments.”

This post has the crypto community buzzing with anticipation that DOGE could finally become a payment option on the social media giant.

The hype aligns with recent moves made by the X team to lay the regulatory groundwork for facilitating payments and money transmission services.

Over the past few weeks, X has secured licenses in multiple U.S. states – actions that usually precede major platform integrations.

Considering Elon Musk’s self-professed love of Dogecoin, the possibility of DOGE being introduced as a payment option for X users to monetize content or make donations is not far-fetched.

Despite the unconfirmed nature of these rumors, it hasn’t stopped meme coin investors from buying DOGE in the hopes of a potential partnership that could send the coin rallying.

Doge Offshoot Dogecoin20 Preps for Uniswap Listing After ICO Sellout

While Dogecoin’s rally has investors focused on the $0.30 target, another Doge-inspired token is also generating buzz.

That token is Dogecoin20, which hit its $10 million ICO target earlier this week ahead of its highly-anticipated Uniswap listing.

With just over three weeks until its open market debut, scheduled to occur on “Doge Day,” buyers have one final chance to buy DOGE20 at a discount through the project’s website.

Interestingly, Dogecoin20’s upcoming listing coincides with the next Bitcoin halving event on April 20.

This alignment of meme coin mania and one of crypto’s most buzzworthy macro milestones could create a speculative mania around the DOGE20 token when it finally goes live on the Uniswap DEX.

Importantly, Dogecoin20’s team has already checked some key credibility boxes ahead of the token’s listing.

Coinsult has audited the project’s smart contracts, and the investment community has scrutinized its tokenomics structure, which includes a 10% allocation for liquidity.

Dogecoin20 has even begun to gain traction on social media, with its Twitter following growing to 9,300 people and the official Telegram channel now boasting  5,900 members.

With Dogecoin itself continuing to push higher and bullish sentiment rippling through the entire crypto market, the conditions could be ideal for Dogecoin20 to experience a successful exchange listing.

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