FNCT (Financie Token) Exceeds JPY 20 billion (USD 150 million) in IEO Applications – Press release Bitcoin News

FNCT (Financie Token) Exceeds JPY 20 billion (USD 150 million) in IEO Applications – Press release Bitcoin News


PRESS RELEASE. Trading available on Coincheck (exchange) from March 16 〜

FNCT (Financie Token) main page: https://fnct.xyz

Finance, Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hironao Kunimitsu, hereinafter referred to as “Financie”) announces the results of its crypto asset FNCT (Financie Token) sales on the Coincheck IEO. The sales result shows that the application amount was JPY 20,021,288,100 (USD 150m) and the application rate was 18.78x. FNCT (Financie Token) will be available for trading on Coincheck from March 16, 2023, and we will launch FNCT Staking in Spring 2023. Additionally, Financie has begun preparations to list FNCT on global crypto exchanges.


Staking is a mechanism that allows users to receive crypto assets in exchange for contributing to the generation of crypto assets and the stable operation of the blockchain. Financie regularly records transaction history on the Ethereum blockchain to ensure the transparency and the value of the Community Token* issued and used on the blockchain-based token-issuing crowdfunding service FiNANCiE. In Staking, which will be launched in Spring 2023, users can participate by locking FNCT with a validator (a processor that verifies and approves data) and will receive FNCT in return. The detailed method of participation and rewards for staking will be announced later.

*Community Token is NOT a crypto asset. It can be used only in FiNANCiE service.

Details of the sales results:

Total application amount:JPY 20,021,288,100 (USD 150m)

Application Rate:18.78x

(Total application amount / Total amount sold)

Number of accounts applied:24,833 accounts

Total amount sold:JPY 1,066,000,000 (USD 8.0m)

The funds raised (approximately JPY 1.066 billion) will be used for the further development of FNCT, and the expansion and revitalization of the FNCT ecosystem.

About FNCT (Financie Token)

FNCT (Financie Token) is a crypto asset issued on the Ethereum blockchain. It serves as a platform token that effectively connects Community Token issued and used in “FiNANCiE,” a token issuance-based crowdfunding service utilizing the blockchain provided by Financie, Inc. in order to enhance the long-term value of Community Token.

More detailed examples of the utilization of FNCT (Financie Token) include providing rewards to users of FiNANCiE and using it as an incentive for the continued growth of excellent communities on FiNANCiE. In addition, FNCT (Financie Token) allows participating in governance throughout the entire ecosystem of FiNANCiE platform. This contributes to the realization of “user-driven operation.”

FNCT’s Ecosystem

As a FiNANCiE platform token, FNCT is designed and developed to provide additional benefits to supporters who vitalize sports clubs and creative communities. Our goal is to create an ecosystem that underpins the values ​​of FiNANCiE, so that as more people vitalize the community the value of FNCT increases which can then be returned to the FNCT holder.


FiNANCiE’s Roadmap

Launched in March 2019, FiNANCiE, as an app service, has provided reliable operations long-term. In 2023, FNCT will be issued and sold at IEO, and its utility services such as staking, governance, and other services for FiNANCiE users will also commence. By the end of 2023, we plan to enhance the domestic ecosystem, provide utilities and expand the ecosystem that contributes to the creator economy.

【Ver.0】Stable operation as an application service (2019~)

【Ver.1】FNCT IEO (in the middle of 2023) Start Staking / Governance

【Ver.1.5】Expansion of the domestic ecosystem (Within 2023) Provide utilities that contribute to the sports/creators economy; expansion of the ecosystem

【Ver.2】Launch of the global version of FiNANCiE

【Ver.3】Consideration of FiNANCiE proprietary blockchain (FNBC) Utilized as FNBC’s native token for management fees, validation rewards, etc.


For more details, please see the following:

main page:https://fnct.xyz


Twitter (JP) : https://twitter.com/Fnct_Official

Twitter (EN) : https://twitter.com/Fnct_Officialen

Discord: https://discord.gg/fnct-official

LINE: https://lin.ee/8M4HSQW

About Finance Business

Token-issuing crowdfunding using blockchain technology

FiNANCiE is a new type of crowdfunding platform that allows sports teams and creators to realize their dreams together with their supporters.

The key to this is the token, which is the core of the community ecosystem, and FiNANCiE is the platform using blockchain technology to support it.

Community building by CT (Community Token)

Tokens issued by community owners, such as sports teams or creators, are called CT (Community Token).

Co-creation relationship is established through CT, in which supporters remain actively involved in the activities of the owner.

Extensive experience, including 92 in the sports field and 60 in the entertainment field

There are already 92 communities in the sports sector, 60 in the entertainment sector, and 51 in the individual sector (creators, influencers, etc.) operating on FiNANCiE. Most of the communities come from Japan.

The amount of primary distribution through token sales is over JPY 1.18 billion, and the amount of token transactions (secondary distribution) on FiNANCiE after primary distribution is JPY 1.34 billion, providing significant support for sports teams and creators.

The common platform token FNCT

The crypto asset FNCT is the common platform token for the FiNANCiE, as opposed to the CT which is issued for each community.

About Finance, Inc.

Finance, Inc. is a company that provides consecutive support for the formation of token-based communities and ecosystems, including the blockchain-based token-issuing crowdfunding service FiNANCiE, the NFT business, and the IEO support business.


App Store (OS: iOS 14. or higher)


Google Play (OS: Android 6.0 or higher)


Company Name: Finance, Inc.

CEO: Hironao Kunimitsu

Incorporated in: Jan, 2019

Location: Cerulean Tower 15F 26-1 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-8512 Japan

contact: https://www.corp.financie.jp/en/contact

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