GAIMIN Delivers a Decentralized Approach to the Increasing Requirement for More Data Processing Power – Sponsored Bitcoin News

GAIMIN Delivers a Decentralized Approach to the Increasing Requirement for More Data Processing Power – Sponsored Bitcoin News


The world-wide demand for data processing is increasing year-on-year, with data processing applications requiring ever increasing performance from data processing devices and services. Industries, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), video rendering, powering blockchain computations, scientific simulations and research, financial modeling and analysis, weather analysis, medical imaging and healthcare and autonomous vehicles are all increasing their demands to collect, store, analyze, manipulate and extract data, delivering real-time results.

There is a need to make sense of the vast amounts of data being generated through the increasing use of data-driven technologies and services. The higher the performance of a device combined with the greater the number of devices undertaking the task, the quicker the result or outcome is provided. As real-time systems demand immediate results, the performance of data processing becomes critical to the delivery of the service.

Centralized data centers have previously been supported by many countries, including Iceland and China, to provide data processing services. However, as demand for data processing grows, centralized data processing centers are having difficulty coping with the demand. Centralized operations consume significant amounts of energy both in terms of service delivery (data processing) and service support (e.g., air conditioning to cool the infrastructure). Energy distribution infrastructure is not supportive of increasing localized demand, impacting commercial and residential supply. In addition, centralized service centers are having difficulty with physical expansion, both in terms of available land and space and impact on energy distribution infrastructure.

With the global increase in energy prices combined with the problems associated with centralized data centers taking energy from the local distribution ecosystem and the need for growth to support the increasing demand for data processing power, organizations are looking for alternative approaches to delivering data processing services.

Spreading Energy Consumption with Decentralized, Cloud Based Data Processing Networks

GAIMIN Delivers a Decentralized Approach to the Increasing Requirement for More Data Processing Power

Global, decentralized data processing is the way forward. Creating a decentralized, global data processing network, interconnected through cloud technology is one approach to solving the centralized data processing problem.

Firstly, the cloud offers scalability and flexibility. Cloud-based data processing allows businesses to scale their processing power up or down as needed, without the need to invest in expensive hardware. This means businesses can pay only for the processing power they need, when they need it.

Secondly, the cloud offers cost-effectiveness. Cloud-based data processing eliminates the need for businesses to invest in expensive hardware and software or pay for the maintenance and upkeep of on-premises data centers. This can result in significant cost savings for businesses.

Thirdly, the cloud offers accessibility and mobility. Cloud-based data processing can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, as long as there is an internet connection. This means businesses can access their data and processing power from any location, making it ideal for remote working and global operations.

Fourthly, the future of data processing lies in the cloud because of the nature of the technology.

GAIMIN Has Solved This Problem! – GAIMIN.CLOUD

GAIMIN Delivers a Decentralized Approach to the Increasing Requirement for More Data Processing Power

GAIMIN.CLOUD harnesses the underutilized processing power found in high performance PC-based Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) into one network, delivering supercomputer-level performance, facilitating the delivery of large-scale data processing requirements whilst spreading the consumption of processing energy, globally.

GAIMIN identified gaming PCs as the most appropriate device to target to create GAIMIN.CLOUD. A gaming PC typically includes a high-performance Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

From research, the GPU is typically underutilized within a gaming PC. The gaming PC is typically only used for around 20% of the day for gaming but remains switched on when not being used. The gamer continually looks to improve their gaming experience and continually upgrades their PC resulting in even greater performance available from the devices.

GAIMIN’s approach creates a greener, more ecologically compliant approach to energy consumption for data processing services, spreading processing capability through different countries and regions, mitigating energy consumption bottlenecks, and resolves supply problems through the ability to re-route network processing.

GAIMIN calls this network GAIMIN.CLOUD

GAIMIN Platform

Through a free to download PC application, a user permits their device to participate in GAIMIN.CLOUD.

GAIMIN Delivers a Decentralized Approach to the Increasing Requirement for More Data Processing Power

GAIMIN Delivers a Decentralized Approach to the Increasing Requirement for More Data Processing PowerGAIMIN identifies each device available and builds a data processing network from available devices. GAIMIN submits data processing jobs to devices and the network according to task priority and profitability, returning the data processing output for the job back to the customer.

GAIMIN Delivers a Decentralized Approach to the Increasing Requirement for More Data Processing PowerGAIMIN rewards users for allowing their devices to participate in GAIMIN.CLOUD in the form of GAIMIN’s own cryptocurrency and pays back up to 90% of the job fee received by GAIMIN, back to the user, pro-rated in relation to the contribution their device made in the delivery of the data processing job.

GAIMIN.CLOUD currently focuses on the delivery of video rendering jobs and is investigating the use of GAIMIN.CLOUD to support AI data processing requirements. When there is no video rendering or AI data processing job, GAIMIN uses GAIMIN.CLOUD for the fallback, always available service, to power blockchain computations.

GAIMIN.CLOUD – Future Potential

GAIMIN.CLOUD is future proofed.

Whilst demand exists for cloud based, supercomputer level data processing, GAIMIN.CLOUD will be able to deliver.

The future growth areas and trends for data processing include a significant increase in the demand for AI and machine learning, as well as the continued growth of big data and the Internet of Things (IoT). Additionally, with the increasing use of virtual and augmented reality technology, there is a growing demand for rendering services that require a vast amount of data processing power.

The use of blockchain technology is also expected to increase, which will drive the need for data processing power to support decentralized systems. Streaming services and gaming continue to grow in popularity, and this is leading to an increase in the amount of data that needs to be processed, stored, and delivered.

Advancements in medical and biotech research will continue to increase the demand for powerful data processing solutions to analyze large amounts of data from clinical trials, genomics, and more.

As these technologies continue to evolve and advance, the demand for data processing power will only continue to grow, and it is predicted to become one of the world’s most valuable commodities. By utilizing the vast computational resources of the global gaming community, GAIMIN.CLOUD has potential access to over $200billion of data processing power. This ensures that businesses and organizations in need of powerful data processing capabilities have access to the resources they need to stay ahead of the curve.

GAIMIN – Generating Revenue, Delivering Benefit

The GAIMIN business model is based around a large number of users downloading the GAIMIN application and allowing their devices to be incorporated into GAIMIN.CLOUD to deliver distributed data processing services.

As noted, the gaming PC is the ideal device to deliver data processing services, making the PC gamer the key demographic for a GAIMIN application user. As such, GAIMIN’s approach is to target gamers and the market sectors in which gamers participate to create brand awareness and ultimately, application download and participation in GAMIN.CLOUD.

As a company set up by gamers, for gamers, GAIMIN identifies the importance of correctly targeting a gamer, delivering a gamer what they want to improve and enhance their gaming experience, whilst creating a business based on a gamer’s technology and their involvement in the GAIMIN community.

Gamers as Users

GAIMIN Delivers a Decentralized Approach to the Increasing Requirement for More Data Processing PowerWith a focus on user acquisition, GAIMIN is implementing strategies to create brand awareness across a number of gaming sectors, with a specific focus on esports.

Esports is a high-growth area with popular esports games having millions of followers across a number of genres.

GAIMIN has recently established GAIMIN Gladiators, an esports community and group of teams participating in 3 of the Top 4 esports games. GAIMIN Gladiator’s roster of players have been selected due to their skills and expertise, and importantly for GAIMIN, the large number of gamers who follow the players throughout their social media channels.

GAIMIN Gladiators

GAIMIN Delivers a Decentralized Approach to the Increasing Requirement for More Data Processing Power

Formed in January 2022, GAIMIN Gladiators in their first year, competed in a number of tournaments across different genres.

With over 5 billion impressions (non-Asian/Chinese market statistics reported by Shikenso), the GAIMIN Gladiators are going from strength to strength and delivering significant brand awareness both for GAIMIN and the sponsors of the team, Kaiyun, Stoneforged Technology and Venly.

With a strong social media presence and a rapidly increasing social media following, especially within the Discord and Telegram communities, GAIMIN are rapidly exceeding brand awareness expectations and creating an excited community ready to download and run the GAIMIN application when it is fully released.

GAIMIN Delivers a Decentralized Approach to the Increasing Requirement for More Data Processing PowerGAIMIN Gladiators are always looking out for the best teams in all gaming genres.

GAIMIN Delivers a Decentralized Approach to the Increasing Requirement for More Data Processing Power

Following discussions with Falco and BNB Chain, and a demonstration of GAIMIN’s game launching technology, GAIMIN are working in partnership with BNB Chain to bolster Web 3 esports growth initiatives.

The first major game to be released in conjunction with GAIMIN is Falco’s The Harvest, which will shortly be supporting Web 3 technology in conjunction with BNB Chain. GAIMIN will have exclusive launch agreements for the Web 3 version, prior to its general release and will be extending the GAIMIN Gladiators roster with a Harvest team and sponsoring the inaugural Harvest tournaments.

Supporting Games Development – Converting Web 2 Games to Web 3

GAIMIN Delivers a Decentralized Approach to the Increasing Requirement for More Data Processing PowerWith the global blockchain gaming market projected to grow from $4.6bn in 2022 to $65.7bn in 2027, GAIMIN is at the forefront of delivering blockchain technology and solutions to the gaming industry to facilitate their transformation to in-game Web3 technologies.

GAIMIN is extending its platform to deliver a number of other gaming related services.

  • Web 3 Games Launcher – GAIMIN is extending its platform to provide a game launching service, delivering to games developers a strong and dedicated user community who are conversant with how blockchain technologies support gameplay with features such as NFT-based in-game assets.
  • API and SDK – providing a free to access API and SDK to allow games developers to implement Web 3 features and functionality into their games.

User Monetization and Rewards – Social Impact

GAIMIN Delivers a Decentralized Approach to the Increasing Requirement for More Data Processing Power

GAIMIN.CLOUD uses gamers as the service providers via the contribution of their computational resources.

This means that gamers can monetize their idle computing power and earn money while they play their favorite games or by doing nothing other than leaving their computer running with the application downloaded from

With GAIMIN, gamers can make a real difference in the world by contributing to the data processing needs of businesses and organizations.

One of the most exciting aspects of GAIMIN.CLOUD is that it offers real social impact by giving back up to 90% of the revenue to gamers. This means that users of the platform can help create genuine social impact and improve the lives of potentially 1.5 billion gamers. Gamers can earn extra income and improve their financial situation while they play, without having to take on extra work or sacrificing their leisure time.

In addition to improving the lives of gamers, GAIMIN.CLOUD also helps to bridge the digital divide by providing access to powerful data processing capabilities to individuals and organizations that may not have been able to afford it before. This can help to promote innovation, economic growth, and social progress in communities around the world.

GAIMIN.CLOUD is not just a powerful data processing platform; it is also a powerful social and economic engine that can help to create a better future for everyone. By harnessing the power of the global gaming community, GAIMIN.CLOUD is helping to build a more equitable, sustainable, and inclusive world for all.

GAIMIN monetizes through GAIMIN.CLOUD with the provision of different data processing services. Currently focusing on video rendering and powering of blockchain computations, GAIMIN.CLOUD will soon be extending its service provision into other data processing services, including AI data processing and other big-data processing requirements.

Using AI to Maximise Rewards

GAIMIN’s AI driven approach develops sub-processing networks within GAIMIN.CLOUD, capable of delivering different data processing services.

The decision-making AI engine identifies the devices currently available to GAIMIN and builds processing networks based on devices, performance and data processing job requirements. Some devices are more appropriate for specific data processing services and so, depending on job requirements, GAIMIN will build a sub network comprising appropriate processing devices and submit jobs accordingly.

The GAIMIN AI Engine identifies the most profitable jobs first and allocates devices where the most profit is available. There is always the backstop solution – powering blockchain computations. When there is no other job available, the AI Engine diverts available resources into the powering of blockchain computations ensuring GAIMIN.CLOUD is always delivering some form of monetization and reward generation.

GMRX – GAIMIN’s Own Cryptocurrency

GAIMIN Delivers a Decentralized Approach to the Increasing Requirement for More Data Processing Power

GAIMIN pays its users in GMRX, GAIMIN’s own cryptocurrency.

When a user monetizes their device, GAIMIN receives payment for the delivery of services in a number of different ways – fiat and crypto for example. GAIMIN returns upto 90% of the rewards generated back to the user in the consolidated GMRX crypto currency.

A user stores their GMRX, which can be used for the purchase of accessories, merchandise, in-game assets and NFTs. As GMRX is soon to be listed on crypto exchanges, a user can convert their GMRX into other crypto assets or fiat currency.

As you would expect, GAIMIN wants its users to retain their GMRX and use it for purchases through GAIMIN. GAIMIN incentivises GMRX holders to retain their GMRX through additional benefits, bonuses and discounts, including NFTs, bespoke merchandise, discounted accessories.

NFT Acquisition

GAIMIN Delivers a Decentralized Approach to the Increasing Requirement for More Data Processing PowerGAIMIN will sell NFTs in its marketplace at a low cost to enable users to build their NFT-based gaming asset repository at a low cost.

As an example, a user with a mid-range GPU could expect to earn $1 per day when active in the GAIMIN network. GAIMIN intends to create in-game NFTs for $1 or less, enabling a gamer to build their own repository of in-game interoperable NFTs to support their gameplay. Being interoperable, the NFTs can be re-used across different games and genres and take a form and operational structure relevant to the game.

Medium and higher cost NFTs, which have enhanced utility and attributes, will be minted but require the user to remain participating in the GAIMIN network until they have earned sufficient rewards to acquire a more expensive asset.

No Gamer Left Behind

GAIMIN’s monetization approach is multi-functional and not based on one aspect.

GAIMIN has created a number of user-retention mechanisms. Traditional monetization options typically focus on one approach – for example, mining alone or rendering alone, where the value of user rewards is dependent on the performance contributed by the user. The greater the performance of a device, the greater the contribution, the greater the reward. This discriminates against users who do not have high performance devices!

GAIMIN’s multi-functional approach implements a variety of mechanisms to reward users for participating in the GAIMIN network. This includes rewards based on hashpower however to ensure no gamer is left behind, GAIMIN has introduced other approaches to reward a user – for example, time (hours) connected to the GAIMIN network – the longer a device remains active on the network, the more hours the user builds to allow them to claim different NFT assets and rewards. This approach is unique to GAIMIN and sets GAIMIN apart from the perceived competition whose focus and reward is purely based on hashpower.

GAIMIN’s philosophy of “no gamer left behind” is designed to allow as many gamers as possible to earn rewards and enhance their gaming experience and does not just reward those users who have highly performing devices.

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