How Does Golden Inu Plan to Become the Best Meme Coin of 2023? Everything You Need to Know

The cryptocurrency market has gone through a lot in the past few years, giving birth to many sub-niches, perhaps the most prominent one of which is meme coins.

Dogecoin – the original meme coin – was developed as a joke. It had no purpose. In fact, here are five things that you might not know about it. Despite that, people flocked to buy the meme coin, turning it into a billion-dollar project with millions of holders.

Since then, many other meme coins have tried to achieve the same, but few have had similar success. Shiba Inu (SHIB), for once, came the closest.

Crypto traders and meme coin enjoyers rushed to buy SHIB at the beginning of 2021 – much later compared to Dogecoin, turning the cryptocurrency into a force to be considered. Unlike its predecessor, though, Shiba Inu’s team had great plans to develop a vibrant ecosystem of usable applications that would bring real value to SHIB holders.

Unfortunately, many of those plans failed to come to fruition, while others were underwhelming. In any case, SHIB remains the second-largest meme coin, with hundreds of thousands of followers and holders.

One of those holders was a developer that would later become known as Golden Takeishi – the founder of Golden Inu.

CryptoPotato has already had the chance to chat with him, and you can find the full interview here.

Credit: Golden Inu Team, not Affiliated with CryptoPotato

What is Golden Inu?

Golden Inu has quickly become one of the hottest topics of conversation in 2023 amid meme coin aficionados. In June 2023, the token that underpins its ecosystem – $GOLDEN – outpaced the majority of meme coins in terms of returns on investment, while the team behind it is working on expanding its reach further.

In essence, the project aims to build a vibrant ecosystem of tools that its community to use and benefit from.

$GOLDEN is the token that underpins this ecosystem, and it’s at the forefront of the project. It will be the f0ule of the Golden Inu Ecosystem.

The Golden Inu Ecosystem

The vibrant community of Golden Inu is not just one that holds a token in hopes of future growth. Through a series of implementations, the team has found a way to involve community members in a way they can all help create a thriving crypto ecosystem.

The Golden Quest

The Golden Quest is a collaboration between Golden Inu and QuestN. It’s designed to allow users to earn money to help build the project’s ecosystem, market it, and so forth.

Through the official dashboard, or that of QuestN, everyone is free to join the community and start working on various tasks and earn money while also supporting the project.


As seen in the above screenshot (real-time), there are numerous tasks that anyone could pick up. It’s worth noting that the levels of expertise tend to range from primary social media and online marketing skills to more complex levels of coding or design. In essence, there’s room for anyone – a beginner or novice.

This powerful method of building a solid and united community is also part of the reason why the project was able to raise over $400,000 during its ICO for the two tokens.

The Golden Dashboard

To make it easier for users to track everything Golden Inu-related, the team has also created a powerful dashboard – the Golden Dashboard.

It provides detailed information in Layman’s terms for everything associated with the project, spanning from branding, tokenomics, roadmap, and whatnot.

It’s made in a way that even a novice user or a seasoned veteran would understand. It helps build the proper cryptocurrency trading habits with anyone by allowing users to see what a legitimate coin should be doing.

This is what it looks like:


As you can see, there’s all the fundamental information available, including the performance of the token, the most recent stories associated with the brand, upcoming launches, and much more.

The Golden Inuverse

In a clever wordplay, the team has introduced what’s planned to be the first of a few planned play-to-earn (P2E) games that will drive gamers into the Golden Inu universe.

The game’s intended to structure the $GOLDEN tokens subculture and help thousands of people get acquainted with both the tokens and the ecosystem of Golden Inu.

The game will be ever-evolving and immersive, allowing users to both explore and battle. It will start with a number of planets, but more of them will be created as certain milestones are reached with the counts of users that have joined in on the game.

To develop their characters, players will be able to make in-game purchases. These will range from special characters as well as offensive or defensive weapons and cross-planetary travels.

You can find more information about the game, as well as its release timeline, here.

Meanwhile, that’s how one of the NFT characters presented on the website look like:


Users are able to gain complete access to their profiles as they play in the Inuverse. The more they play, the stronger their character becomes. This allows them to unlock specific weapons and advance further into the world.

The Golden Bazaar

The Golden Bazaar will be an e-commerce trading platform that’s inspired by the likes of Amazon and Shopify – of course, throughout their humble beginnings.

The plan for it is to start as a simple application where users can freely buy and sell various products and services. They will be able to transact in crypto.

However, as time goes on, developers are hoping to integrate a cross-chain swapping application that would allow users to complete transactions with any commonly used cryptocurrency.

More importantly, buyers will be able to use any crypto of choice, while sellers can receive any crypto of choice, and $GOLDEN will be the middle-man token that allows the swap to happen. The fees will be absolutely minimal.

The Golden Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

The DEX is yet another product in the pipeline that will further complement the ecosystem of Golden Inu.

The goal is to protect the right to anonymity of users by creating a truly decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. The launch will target Latin America with a clear understanding of the economic challenges that the locals are facing.

Golden Inu developers hope to help lower the gas fees for traders who want to carry out cross-chain trades by using the $GOLDEN token as an intermediary.

Before we dive into the specifics of the $GOLDEN token, please have a look at the journey ahead – the project’s roadmap.


The $GOLDEN Token

The $GOLDEN token is the beating heart of the thriving ecosystem. It’s purpose is to seamlessly connect Ethereum and the BNB chain.

That’s right – it’s a dual token that’s deployed on both networks.

The primary purpose of the token is to revolutionize the global cryptocurrency landscape in a way that pioneers a bright and interconnected future.

Whenever assessing a token, it’s critical to look at its tokenomics, and for $GOLDEN, there are two sides to it because of its dual nature.

As general information, here’s a chart that summarizes some of the basics:


Ethereum $GOLDEN Tokenomics


BNB Chain $GOLDEN Tokenomics


The Golden Inu Team

A critical part of every project is its team. The founder of Golden Inu has chosen to remain anonymous for the wider audience but has been verified on two separate cryptocurrency verification systems.

He is known as “Golden Takeishi”- a technology whiz that was once a bag holder of Shiba Inu. CryptoPotato has a dedicated fully-fledged interview with him. We encourage you to take a look at the full interview to find out exciting details about both the founder and the project.

Speaking of Golden Inu’s goal, he said:

Our goal is to merge the infectious appeal of Inu tokens with robust, branded crypto technology and an effective economic model. A model that ensures sustainable growth, utility, and passive income. We are confident that our actions will speak louder than the perceptions tied to our brand name.

In an effort to prevent competitors from reverse-engineering, the entire team cannot be revealed. However, here’s a list of the current members:

  • Founder (French)
  • Six web application developers (Romanian/Serbian)
  • 1 web application security specialist (Romanian)
  • 3 Contextual Content Creators (US American)
  • 3 Graphic Designers (Asian)
  • 1 NFT specialist (Asian)
  • 1 Media Content Creator (Central European)
Credit: Golden Inu Team, Not Affiliated with CryptoPotato


All in all, Golden Inu aims to capture the appeal of Inu tokens but also build on it through verifiable transparency, openness, and the true spirit of cryptocurrencies.

By building a myriad of valuable products, Golden Inu strives to upkeep and create a thriving ecosystem of supporting users who are engaged with the project on a level beyond just holding a token.


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