How High Can Shiba Inu Price Go? Are These New Low Market Cap Meme Coins a Better Alternative?

How High Can Shiba Inu Price Go?  Are These New Low Market Cap Meme Coins a Better Alternative?


With the crypto market continuing to rebound, attention-grabbing meme coins are captivating the investment community.

Shiba Inu, often called the “Dogecoin killer,” has been making headlines – with investors now debating whether the token can reach the fabled $1 level.

However, newer low-cap meme coins are emerging, raising questions about whether they present a more promising investment opportunity than $SHIB.

Challenges & Competition Plague $SHIB Performance

At the time of writing, $SHIB is priced at $0.00000735, exhibiting a bearish trend over the past week.

The market sentiment around this meme-based token is notably pessimistic, with investors growing weary of the recent price volatility.

As such, Shiba Inu is a textbook example of how up-and-down the cryptocurrency market can be – yet in recent times, the token has faced significant challenges.


Fierce competition from other meme coins, for example Pepe ($PEPE), and growing frustration over delays to the Shibarium layer-2 network have put further downward pressure on price.

Additionally, $SHIB has just rejected the 20-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) on the daily price chart, setting the stage for another sharp drop.

All of this has combined to create a pessimistic outlook on $SHIB at a time when new meme coins are vying for investor interest.

Can $SHIB Ever Reach $1 – Or Is The Token Destined for Mediocrity?

The future trajectory of $SHIB will depend on various factors, including ecosystem enhancements, community engagement, and broader market trends.

Per CoinMarketCapthe daily $SHIB trading volume is now half of $PEPEs, highlighting the seismic shift in investor interest.

Furthermore, among the three major players in the meme coin market, Shiba Inu ($SHIB) has seen the most significant price drop over the past week.

In contrast, Dogecoin ($DOGE) and Pepe ($PEPE) have experienced less severe declines, highlighting $SHIB’s current underperformance in the niche.


As such, the question of whether $SHIB can ever reach the $1 milestone has become increasingly complex.

Given the token’s current price and total supply, most investors believe Shiba Inu is unlikely to reach this level.

While the world of meme coins is renowned for its exponential returns, such an enormous price increase would require a confluence of factors that currently seem beyond reach.

These factors would include substantial reductions in the total $SHIB supply, massive demand increases, and the long-awaited release of the Shibarium network.

Due to this, $SHIB reaching $1 is an inherently uncertain prospect – meaning many investors are considering alternatives in the meme coin space.

Could Low-Cap Meme Coins Outpace Shiba Inu?

As investors question $SHIB’s potential to reach new heights, other opportunities are emerging in the meme coin landscape.

Two contenders, Thug Life, and Wall Street Memes, have recently captured the market’s attention due to their low market capitalizations and unique value propositions.

Thug Life On a Mission to Shake Up the Crypto Market After Raising $100,000

Thug Life ($THUG) is a brand-new meme coin that has already made a splash in the market.

Offering a unique blend of comedy and 80’s nostalgia, Thug Life sets itself apart from other projects by drawing inspiration from the iconic Thug Life movement.

With values ​​centered around fairness and the struggle of “hustling” in the crypto market, $THUG is gaining popularity as a token with enormous potential.

The Thug Life team has earmarked 70% of the total token supply for presale investors, with the remaining tokens distributed for marketing efforts and community rewards.


This approach ensures that early backers receive a substantial stake in Thug Life’s success – which has led to a massive influx of new members to the project’s telegram channel.

In addition, Thug Life’s team has pledged to lock the liquidity pool for three months once $THUG makes its DEX debut, thereby removing the risk of a rug pull occurring.

Thug Life is even receiving attention from crypto influencers, such as Jacob Bury, who uploaded a video stating that the token’s value could increase by 10x after launching.

Early investors can buy $THUG tokens through the ongoing presale phase for just $0.0007, with no minimum or maximum investment threshold.

This, coupled with the eagerly-anticipated airdrop campaign to be launched post-presale, makes $THUG a low-cap meme coin with the potential to outshine Shiba Inu.

Visit Thug Life Presale

Reddit-Inspired Sensation Wall Street Memes Raises Over $11m Through Presale

Wall Street Memes (WSM) is another meme coin contender that pays homage to the highly influential Reddit subculture that has made waves in the financial world.

The project encapsulates the playful nature of this subculture, resonating with a massive community of crypto enthusiasts and Reddit users.

Wall Street Memes’ ongoing presale has gained attention due to the vast community of “degens” surrounding the brand.

Notably, Elon Musk, known for his penchant for meme coins, has interacted with the project’s Twitter account, staking interest in the $WSM token.


Moreover, Wall Street Memes’ sizable community has been built following the success of the Wall St Bulls NFT collectionwhich sold out in 32 minutes back in 2021.

At the time of writing, the Wall Street Memes presale has raised over $11.2 million in funding, with investors able to buy $WSM tokens for $0.0304.

With the token primed to debut on Tier-1 exchanges in the coming weeks, $WSM looks set to provide stiff competition to Shiba Inu and other leading meme coins.

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