Lado Okhotnikov’s Meta Force Announces Tactile Program Launch – Virtual Things Turn into Real Ones

[PRESS RELEASE – UAE, Dubai, January 2nd, 2024]

Meta Force is one step closer to launching the Metaverse. The other day, the founder of the crypto platform, Lado Okhotnikov, announced readiness to launch the next Tactile program. This innovative system will combine products, cashback and a unique reward structure through an affiliate program, and will also allow users to exchange virtual items for real ones.

Tactile: making the Metaverse tangible

According to Lado Okhotnikov, the founder of Meta Force Metaverse, the Tactile program allows users to purchase unique digital goods in NFT format which, in addition to the virtual appearance, also have a real one, that is, a physical embodiment.

“As part of our program we call these NFTs “tactile goods” — they can not only be bought in Metaworld but you can actually receive them in your hands in the form of real objects. This is something like a digital certificate for a real item — for example, if you buy a digital T-shirt, mug or even jewelry, a corresponding physical item will be delivered to you in addition to the digital one,” Lado Okhotnikov noted that NFTs will finally find their use in the real world.

After purchasing an NFT token, a platform participant becomes the owner of a unique digital asset, which at the same time can be physically used — donate or exchange the corresponding item in real life.

Tactile’s engagement and upcoming reward enhancements

Tactile offers a unique experience where users can engage with digital products. These items, once purchased, can be actively engaged with or retained in their original form. The platform also provides a marketplace for users to exchange or consider potential physical equivalents of certain digital items. Ownership of these tokens allows for a diverse user experience within the Tactile ecosystem.

“Each such purchase provides an opportunity to receive bonuses in the form of cashback as part of the Loyalty affiliate program. The size of the reward depends on the level in Tactile Game-AF, the mechanics of which will be presented in more detail later,” Lado Okhotnikov emphasized and recalled that just the other day the audit was completed and the program is at the testing stage.

After a successful testnet, the product launch is expected soon. A detailed presentation of cashback tokenomics will be presented in subsequent updates, which can be viewed on the official Meta Force website.

About Meta Force

The Meta Force Metaverse is an innovative Web3 platform where finance and virtual reality merge into a single whole. A unique space is created here, full of unlimited earning opportunities. Governed by smart contracts, the decentralized ecosystem is owned and controlled by all Meta Force participants. In this virtual world, everyone has the influence and ability to shape their future and the future of the platform.




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