Massive Ripple Price Prediction: Is XRP About to Outperform Bitcoin?

CrediBULL Crypto, a renowned technical analyst, believes XRP has a brighter future ahead despite the token lagging behind most leading cryptocurrencies.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), CrediBULL asserted that XRP is primed to enter a bullish phase that could even outshine other cryptocurrencies. He emphasized the confirmation of bullish divergences on the three-day chart for both trading pairs, indicating a potential surge for XRP’s price.

I’m still in the position on XRP from below and just added on to it for a third time, averaging up. XRP/BTC and XRP/ETH both just printed and confirmed bull divs on the [three-day chart]. That window of outperformance that I discussed in my last update video on XRP may be right around the corner.

The analyst’s optimism extends to his price targets, as he predicts a potential surge of roughly 250% for the XRP/BTC pair, projecting a move toward 0.0000356 BTC ($2.55).

Can XRP Hit an ATH After The Bitcoin Halving?

Adding weight to this bullish sentiment, pseudonymous analyst Dark Defender says XRP has broken a significant resistance level this week and could ultimately lead the token to new ATHs above $1.

XRP had the break-out yesterday, as we expected. In the Monthly Time Frame, it is obvious the move has started. The huge Resistance of $0.6649 is broken in the Daily. $0.6649 will be Confirmed for the Weekly & Monthly Frames. Our targets are closer now to $1.33 mid resistance, and $1.88 & $5.85 Fibonacci targets in the upcoming weeks.

Dark Defender noted that “April will be hot,” likely referring to Bitcoin’s upcoming halving. Interestingly enough, other technical analysts believe XRP could explode above $1 before or after the halving, one of the most important events for the crypto industry and the Bitcoin community.

XRP’s performance has lagged compared to other leading altcoins surfing the bullish wave. Notably, its price is heavily influenced by Ripple’s ongoing case against the SEC. Both parties will face each other on trial, scheduled for April 23.

Ripple might have the upper hand after winning three consecutive victories in court, but the XRP army and the crypto community eagerly await the outcome of this lengthy case, as it could potentially reshape the industry in terms of crypto regulations.

At press time, XRP is trading at $0.68, down 5% from its previous high of $0.72.

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