MetaCene Revolutionizes Blockchain Gaming with Successful MMORPG Alpha Test

MetaCene Revolutionizes Blockchain Gaming with Successful MMORPG Alpha Test


[Press Release – Singapore, Singapore, August 9th, 2023]

The blockchain gaming industry is undergoing a transformation and leading this charge is MetaCene, a pioneering AAA-inspired next-gen MMORPG incubated and published by MixMarvel. Building on its foundational strengths—dynamic gameplay, blockchain integration, and deep community engagement—MetaCene has wrapped up its immersive Alpha Test. A post-apocalyptic society, where survivors leverage diverse NFTs to craft a new civilization, emerged as the testing ground for innovative game dynamics and community-driven experiences. As players embarked on this journey from July 31st to August 7th, 2023, the gaming community awaited feedback and insights on this groundbreaking experience.

Diving into the MetaCene Universe

The Alpha Test’s landscapes, namely the Origins of Clouds, Birdcry Town, and Sky Metropolis, unveiled a tapestry of lore, challenges, and technological wonders. Each zone, rich in narrative and design, presented players with unique opportunities for exploration, interaction, and accomplishment. The Origins of Clouds, for instance, offered a visually stunning entry into MetaCene’s universe, while Sky Metropolis stood as a beacon of future digital societies.

Participants were met with a potent blend of Player vs. Environment (PVE) and PVP interactions as prominent features during the Alpha phase. The test emphasized the weight of each player’s choices and their ripple effect throughout the game’s evolving universe. The DAO-governed guilds epitomized this player agency, granting participants a direct hand in shaping the game’s trajectory.

Feedback from Industry Leaders

The reviews are in, and the sentiment is overwhelmingly positive. Here is how some leading guilds and players described their experience:

“Playing this game MetaCene gives me a nostalgic feeling! I remember my childhood feeling when partying with other people that I did not know personally. Exchanging stories while leveling up with the community is one of the best feelings, and you can find it in MetaCene” – Munchies, ALLGUDINDAHUD

“In total, the MetaCene game impressively constructs its game within this genre.” – Ancient 8

“I’m loving the game optimization…how smooth it currently is while exploring.” – Hooga Gaming

“We had an amazing time testing Metacene. We enjoyed exploring multiple features of the game, especially boss hunts and PvP! Although we encountered several bugs, it was expected since we are at the Alpha stage of the game. Overall, it was a great experience for the guild!” – Nomad, GuildHouse

“A week of sheer gaming chaos! NFTXSTREET ventured into a PK-packed world, but the gameplay’s insanity took us by storm. From vengeance to mine protection – absolute madness. Drama, politics, and pesky bugs spiced up the alpha test. NFTXSTREET holds top ranks and readies for more ruthless PKing in the next round!” – JB, NFTXS Guild

“MetaCene’s blockchain integration is undeniably innovative and stands out in the gaming space. The introduction of MMSDK sets them apart, offering players a seamless experience to transact with on-chain assets directly within the game. The game is so much more polished than the last time. Really glad your team is working hard on it.” – PathDAO

“I really like the art style that reminds me of Jojo’s adventure, and the skill animations are smooth. And the red button to notify you when you picked up higher power equipment.” – Valluna

“Metacene’s science fiction universe is really captivating, and once you log in, it’s hard to stop playing! The monsters are unique; some are even funny! Looking at you, Land Sprite! Overall, I’ve had a blast being a gunner (pun intended) and managed to get to level 33. Looking forward to the launch! Kudos, Metacene team!” – Mae-zing, YGG

“One of the best Web3MMORPG I played as of this date. Looking forward to playing it on launch day!” – Spraky, YGG

“The biggest MMORPG of the year where you can play, earn and have fun.” – Salles RJ, Brazilian YouTube Influencer

“Great gameplay for being an alpha version. Good dynamics between missions. Fun and makes you want to play more and more.” – Moreze, Brazilian YouTube Influencer

By the Numbers: MetaCene’s Alpha Test Metrics

  • Player Engagement: Of the 2961 enthusiasts who delved into the Alpha Test universe, a staggering 2663 (or roughly 90%) were engaged in Player vs. Player (PVP) combat, underscoring the game’s intense and captivating battle dynamics. Such a high participation rate showcases the competitive spirit MetaCene incites and the immersive appeal of its combat scenarios.
  • Time Spent: Players collectively devoted an impressive 461916 minutes, further emphasizing the game’s ability to captivate and retain player attention.
  • Mining Success: Out of the participants, 480 individuals showcased their strategic prowess, successfully engaging in mining activities 2527 times.
  • Boss Battles: A key highlight was the elimination of 2258 bosses, a testament to the collaborative spirit and strategic acumen of the player community.

Diving deeper into the metrics, the transactional dynamics during the Alpha Test also provide compelling insights into its success. Spanning the period from July 31 to August 8:

  • RPG (Rangers Protocol) Transactions: The gaming-centric blockchain that fuels MetaCene witnessed 112 RPG transactions and the birth of 29 fresh addresses.
  • USDT Transactions: There was an impressive 6,166 USDT transactions, accompanied by the creation of 1,225 new addresses.
  • MUD Transactions: Perhaps the most revealing metric lies in the MUD transactions, MetaCene’s in-game currency. There were 3,558 MUD transactions, leading to 846 new addresses. The diverse utility and functionality of the MUD token came to the fore during the Alpha Test. The following are all the types of in-game utilization that were available during the test:
  • Store usage
  • Trading tax
  • Off-chain action
  • Guild creation
  • Skill upgrade
  • Weapon enhancement
  • Warehouse unlock
  • Backpack spots acquisition
  • Weapon refinement
  • Jail bribery
  • Resurrection
  • Warehouse storage
  • Total consumption stood at 17,147,819 MUD.

Such extensive and varied usage of the MUD token underscores the game’s multifaceted strengths and intrinsic value and adaptability of the in-game currency. It paints a vivid picture of a thriving virtual economy, highlighting both the allure of the game and the tangible utility of its digital assets.

Alan Tan, the game creator, shared “MetaCene’s Alpha Test was a pivotal moment in our journey to re-imagine the MMORPG universe through blockchain. Witnessing thousands of players, from MAN NFT holders to the wider gaming community, explore and engage with our world was truly exhilarating. Their feedback and experiences will be invaluable as we continue refining our vision, ensuring that MetaCene remains at the cutting edge of player-centric, blockchain-integrated gaming.”

The Road Ahead

As MetaCene navigates its path to Beta testing, the gaming audience is abuzz with excitement. With a proven track record of blending stellar gameplay with innovative blockchain applications, MetaCene’s future holds immense promise.

MetaCene’s Alpha Test has been more than just a game—it’s a synthesis of technology, art, and community. This harmonious blend heralds a new era for blockchain gaming, one where engagement, empowerment, and entertainment converge.

About MetaCene

MetaCene is building a next-gen blockchain MMORPG homeland for mass players. It presents a surreal post-apocalyptic society where survivors interact with diverse NFTs to redefine civilizations. MetaCene pioneers player-centric entertainment, governance, and creation through innovative PVE and PVP gameplay, robust technology infrastructures, social guild DAO governance, sustainable economic systems, and in-game editors. MetaCene is founded by gaming experts with 20+ years of industry experience from Shanda Games, Blizzard, Perfect World, and others. It envisages a multi-chain future from Rangers Protocol with real-time confirmation and super-low gas fees. The MetaCene Apostle NFT collection and the Alpha version are coming in 2023 Q2.


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