METASMART TV: Your NFT Collection Using Your TV

Innovative solutions for TVs at the IFA: Gazer presents new software

The process of creating art objects and then selling them has long gone beyond the material world. Brushes and canvas are no longer needed when creating your own masterpieces. The same applies to connoisseurs of museums and galleries. You no longer need to visit them physically because NFTs have replaced physical art with virtual. Think NFTs are too complicated and inaccessible? We can easily prove the opposite.

Access to almost all NFT platforms and the entire metaverse from your home TV screen became possible, thanks to the transition to Web 3.0 technology in 2023. Gazer was the first brand to make a breakthrough in the world of TVs, creating a next-generation device called the METASMART TV. NFT technology, through the use of the common home TV, has become much more easily available and accessible to a wider audience. So, to begin with, let’s understand what an NFT is and how we can use this technology.

NFT as a Way of Self-Expression and Money-Making

A Non-Fungible-Token, or NFT, is a component of the metaverse that allows you to create, collect, and monetize virtual art objects. It’s often compared to a specific type of cryptocurrency, each of which is unique and impossible to copy.

People buy NFTs for the same purpose as they buy paintings, collectible stamps, and other art objects. But unlike those, the token exists in a digital space, which makes this art object innovative and unique.

You can buy the NFT of a promising artist with the aim of reselling it when the price rises, or you can create your own masterpiece and earn even more. And you can continue to collect or create art objects and enjoy them from the privacy of your home, using the screen of your TV.

If you decide to become an NFT creator, you get guaranteed copyright protection, unlike Internet pictures which users regularly steal from each other. And the easiest way to make money on NFTs is to buy tokens that are popular in the metaverse and then sell them at a higher price later.

Art Beyond Imagination

The most expensive NFTs include artwork, but they can also be collectibles, video and audio files, avatars, memes… anything. Even a pizza or drink can be tokenized and sold, such cases have already happened. The boom in digital art is largely due to “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” by the artist Mike Winkelman, who everyone knows as Beeple. This painting was sold for $69 million and was the most expensive NFT ever sold. But even that record was broken within a couple of years.

To realize how widely NFTs can be used beyond images, it is worth remembering Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, who sold his “zero” tweet as an NFT token for $2.9 million. A 15-second Gif was created in the form of an NFT Based on the cover of Forbes magazine and was bought for $333,333, and Ukrainian rap artist Alyona Alyona sold the song “Galas” as a token for $7,700.

“Clock” is a work created by Pac and Julian Assange and acts as a timer, counting down the days the WikiLeaks founder spent in prison. It was sold in NFT form for $52.74 million. “The Merge project,” created by Pak, is the most expensive NFT in the world today, this token was sold for a record 91.8 million dollars. The Merge is not a single piece but one that is constantly changing and consists of many units of something called “Mass.”

An Art Gallery at Your Home

Have you ever dreamed of having a large painting at home and admiring it there instead of going to a museum or gallery? And how can you own countless paintings without living in a palace? This is now possible with the latest electronic devices, which are already easily available. The Gazer TV is the world’s first device to give us this opportunity.

You can get access to thousands of modern artists works through the unique multiart application. Just a couple of clicks of the remote control, and the Gazer Metasmart TV takes you into a brilliant world of digital art that both inspires and excites. You can enjoy digital art masterpieces, form galleries, and set NFTs as a screen saver using simplistic settings and a multi-function remote, making the TV a decorative fixture of any room in your house.

Gazer has changed the perception of TVs as something solely for content consumption. It allows you to enjoy digital art and become introduced to new experiences and artists with the touch of a button. Through the TV, unlike a smartphone and a tablet, you will be completely immersed in the digital world thanks to the much larger and more innovative multiverse screen, which keeps it’s image quality for over a decade.

That is why all modern exhibitions of digital art in 2023 were held on METASMART TVs from Gazer. Gazer and digital art lovers have enjoyed seeing famous digital artworks, thanks to unique developments at the international NFT exhibitions in Lisbon, Hamburg, and Dubai. Without a doubt, Gazer has come a long way in offering the market the most innovative products in the world of TVs.

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