Pepe Enters High-Risk Territory After 700% Pump – Will Scotty the AI and SMOG Run the Show Next?

Pepe has been on a steep climb over the last few days. On the monthly chart, the meme coin has recorded a 731% surge. While most meme coins are back in the spotlight, Pepe maintains a strong dominance.

But how long? The frog-themed meme coin is on the verge of a cascade of price falls at the time of writing, having stretched its market cap to $3.16B.

Can Pepe Sustain the Pump?

The pre-halving frenzy has cast its spell across the market. But once again, meme coins have seized the spotlight with their meteoric surges.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Much of the market momentum has to do with the much-anticipated Bitcoin halving, which has a history of kindling crypto bull runs. But interestingly, Bitcoin has surged only 51.63% over the last thirty days. Pepe, on the other hand, boasts a 731% jump within the same timeframe.

Pepe 1-month price action, CoinMarketCap

But history reminds us that Pepe’s dominance in the limelight might be fleeting. The highly volatile meme coin craze is poised to take new twists in the coming days. As it propels emerging coins with diverse narratives to the forefront, Pepe will have to admit defeat.

While low-cap cryptos come with promising gains ranging from 25X to 100X, Pepe can’t balloon up its market cap beyond a point. Interestingly, it is past that point now.

That indicates a steep crash for Pepe over the week.

Large-cap meme coins like BONK, Dogwifhat, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu face the same plight, as investors look for more fertile alternatives. That explains the growing hype around SMOG and Scotty the AI. They are stepping into the spotlight as high-cap meme coins exhibit signs of slowing down.

SMOG and SCOTTY to Run the Show This Week

Over the last seven days, SMOG has climbed 81.57%. But being a new project, the dragon-themed meme coin has a relatively lower market cap of 80M which leaves plenty of room for growth and expansion.

SMOG 1-week price action, CoinMarketCap

SCOTTY the AI, on the other hand, is hosting a hot presale that is closing in on a rapid sell-out. The explosive debut launch of the AI crypto is much-awaited.

Scotty the AI presale

While established meme coins like Pepe and BONK face the prospect of significant price corrections, these emerging meme coins with lower market caps offer greater potential for returns. They represent a compelling investment opportunity this week.

Scotty the AI ($SCOTTY) is primarily an AI crypto packaged in a meme coin format.

“With his incredible memory, he’s able to recall every transaction, every block, and every hash that has ever been recorded on the blockchain. He sifts through vast amounts of data in seconds, searching for clues and connections that others can only dream of,” notes the website.

Scotty’s narrative paints a picture of a formidable meme coin that flaunts a unique blend of intelligence and cunning. $SCOTTY is available for purchase at discounted fixed prices in its limited presale.

What About SMOG?

Listed below are the key factors that underpin the growing interest in SMOG.

1. SMOG is a Solana meme coin

Solana meme coins are the latest crypto sensation. SMOG is one of them. But there are more factors that add to the growing interest in the project.

2. Invigorating airdrops

SMOG has been conducting a series of Solana airdrop events—a central part of its roadmap that holds a significant portion of its tokenomics.

The structure of SMOG’s tokenomics is designed to cater to engagement and activity in the meme coin ecosystem.

  • 35% of the token supply is designated for airdrop rewards.
  • 50% is allocated to marketing efforts.
  • 10% is reserved for CEX launches.
  • 5% is utilized for providing liquidity for the DEX launch.

The strategic configuration of tokenomics attempts to ensure that SMOG stays in the limelight, despite the ups and downs in the broader market.

3. Fresh narrative centered around a dragon theme

The mighty Smog reigns over the crypto battlefield, incinerating all his foes. As the dragon fire burns, the airdrop gathers pace.

The dragon-themed narrative symbolizes strength and dominance while departing from the prevalent dog-themed projects.

The SMOG website has introduced a 10% discount for OTC purchases, along with staking rewards.

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