ScapesMania’s $6M Presale Fuels Final Push Towards Market Listing

[PRESS RELEASE – London, Great Britain, February 9th, 2024]

ScapesMania’s presale swiftly finished with an impressive $6.125M. Notably, this amount came entirely from the crowd/retail contributions, without support from big companies or major funds.

The project has rallied over 60,000 enthusiasts, reflecting strong community confidence in the project.

Seizing Opportunities: Token Generation Event (TGE)

In an insightful AMA session, ScapesMania’s CEO revealed details about the upcoming TGE scheduled on PancakeSwap from February 26th to March 9th. Once it happens, the token will become available for purchase without a mandatory pre-sale vesting period.

Source: The Official ScapesMania Telegram Community

The project’s team intends to follow the systematic development plan as outlined in the project’s White Paper and conduct strategic marketing efforts to grow the community.

Why Join ScapesMania after the Listing?

After the listing on PancakeSwap, users can buy tokens without the presale limitations. Based on presale rules, holders select a vesting period from 3 to 36 months, with the first unlock not happening until after a 3-month waiting period.

Source: The Official ScapesMania Telegram Community

Token Management Plan Unveiled

The ScapesMania team has crafted a detailed plan to provide incentives for its ecosystem.

The $MANIA tokens will have other functionalities other than holding onto them. ScapesMania offers ways to keep users involved, like token buyback, burning, and staking. The DAO governance will allow users to get a say in the project’s direction in the billion-dollar industry.

From 4 billion $MANIA tokens, a whopping 320 million or 8% are allocated for community rewards.

What’s more, the token’s utility is exceptional, making it different from meme coins that mainly depend on trends and hype.

Source: ScapesMania’s Whitepaper

Future Plans and Development Strategy

During the above-mentioned AMA session, ScapesMania’s CEO discussed the project’s plans. The team is about to go into full-scale development, which requires a lot of time, effort, and expertise. ScapesMania actively attracts talent by partnering with experienced game development studios and assembling an in-house product team.

After the presale concluded and the last token was purchased, the relentless work on the project began. Users are invited to join the community channel and stay updated on the development progress.

Source: ScapesMania’s Whitepaper

The CEO also outlined the development strategy, which includes hypothesis development, market testing, analysis, and refinement. Focusing on ongoing improvement, this approach has already proven effective.

Source: The Official ScapesMania Telegram Community

Aligning with Market Trends

In a world where GameFi dominates, ScapesMania leads the way. This one-of-a-kind ecosystem caters to both casual gamers and crypto enthusiasts. Players enjoy immersive gaming experiences without needing crypto knowledge, while token holders can influence the ecosystem’s direction through DAO governance, regardless of their gaming activity.

As the GameFi niche grows, with projections to reach $90.51 billion by 2031, ScapesMania strategically aligns with market demands.

About ScapesMania

ScapesMania is a unique gaming ecosystem tailored for both casual players and crypto enthusiasts. Gamers can enjoy captivating gameplay without delving into the complexities of crypto. Meanwhile, token holders can benefit from the ecosystem’s performance and influence its future through DAO without playing.

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