StrongNode: Edge Technology Designed to Optimize

StrongNode: Edge Technology Designed to Optimize


The field of cryptocurrencies has gone a long way in the past few years. From a niche market where only the selected few even understood what was going on to a multi-trillion dollar industry attracting investments from well-known institutional investors – things changed.

However, it’s undeniable that many of the participants, especially those who joined recently, don’t have a sound understanding of the underlying blockchain technology.

On the other hand, institutional investors understand the importance of infrastructure, and we saw a big deal of money go that way.

strongnode is a project that powers infrastructure-as-a-service for the node economy and aims to position itself as the next generation of edge networking backed by blockchain technology.

What is StrongNode?

At its base level, the team is building a variety of core computing practices that relate to node architecture and edge computing solutions.

To those who are unaware, edge computing refers to a distributed information technology architecture where client information is processed at the periphery of the network – as close to the source of origin as it’s possible.

According to the project’s whitepaperthey are:

Creating a networked model of interaction that utilizes dormant resources within node partners to create an interactive ecosystem with node clients. […] With blockchain technology now coming in all different forms, each blockchain can have different use cases and benefits for different purposes within an ecosystem.

The team plans to launch the flagship coin on Polygon and move towards Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, the Binance Smart Chain, and so forth, as they see the value in being blockchain agnostic.


StrongNode’s Primary Use Cases

The project is designed to provide efficient data flow while also using all the functions that blockchain dynamics have to deliver. These include but are not limited to privacy, immutability, security, and transparency.

The advantages offered by edge computing allow for the increase of efficiency of computing by taking both underutilized and dormant resources and further applying them through a network effect to increase the overall efficiency.

This process is further compounded on the blockchain while also being entirely open-source capable with the intent to develop and integrate with existing workflow models. These dormant resources are also combined to back node networks that can be harnessed to provide more effective scaling for companies in dire need of bandwidth.

With this said, these resources represent the trifecta of CPU and GPU cycles, bandwidth, and storage that’s harvested from laptops, desktop computers, and even gaming consoles, smartphones, and smart TVs.

StrongNode also adds a data storage component that integrates with the bandwidth lifecycle and makes data retrieval and processing easier. This means users can achieve all-in-one solutions when it comes to data management.

The above makes some of the following industries the perfect use cases:

  • Insurance
  • cyber security
  • Banking and Payments
  • Transport Logistics
  • cloud storage
  • healthcare
  • Energy
  • Retail
  • Supply Chain Management

In other words – anything that uses computing power is a good candidate for the products of StrongNode as well as their services. They also have an enterprise package that allows users to save time and money by taking advantage of the benefits delivered by blockchain-powered edge computing.


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