Undervalued Metaverse Project Mars4 Is Preparing for New Releases – Sponsored Bitcoin News

Undervalued Metaverse Project Mars4 Is Preparing for New Releases – Sponsored Bitcoin News


In the crypto industry, investors are always on the search for undervalued projects that have the greatest potential for increasing early investors’ returns. Finding these hidden gem initiatives just before noteworthy launches is an easy way to profit. Mars4 is one of these projects to keep an eye on, as the team behind it is working on exciting new releases that will be available the next month. These updates will boost the game’s economy and provide players with a sneak peek at the upcoming game. The community should expect the Mars4 project to acquire credibility as a result of these changes, bringing additional investors to the initiative.

What exactly is Mars4?

Mars4 offers non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent virtual mars. All NFTs are unique in terrain and were modeled using NASA data to make them accurate representations of the Red Planet.

The planned Mars metaverse game will make use of these land parcel NFTs. In the game, you can explore your virtual property, gather resources from it, and construct stations, domes, and other structures on it. All of this will be done while earning the MARS4 tokena cryptocurrency, simply by playing the game, as Mars4 is a play-to-earn game.

The Future of Mars4

The Mars4 game will be released in phases. The first stage is a 3D demo version of the game that may be played by any landowner. It’s the first step towards a multiplayer Mars metaverse in which people can interact with one another and form habitats. This demo will be used to gather input from players in order to develop the game in the future.

The Mars Control Center, which is expected to launch at the end of June this year, is another major release. Players can access their owned NFTs, trade and manage assets, check their revenue and leaderboards, and get earnings on MCC, which provides a variety of purposes linked to controlling the game and its assets. MCC allows you the opportunity to finally interact with your assets and benefit from them.

The community pool, which was developed as a revenue distribution instrument, also benefits Mars4 investors. You can view the total amount in the pool and vote on when it should be distributed using the Mars Control Center. Sales (including B2C and B2B), marketplace transactions, advertising and sponsorships, and in-game transactions all contribute to the pool’s growth. As the Mars4 team works to improve the experience by allowing investors to earn more, more income sources may be added to the list.

The share of the community pool that investors will get is decided by their productivity score. You can spend money on NFTs to boost your productivity score, or you can play the game and earn money by performing missions, tasks, and other activities. In other words, investing more time or money results in more revenue. Purchasing NFTs today will increase your score even before the MCC release, however, MCC is a tool that will allow you to check and control it.

Now only Mars land plots NFTs are available for purchase, however, with the MCC launch, in-game NFTs will be available as well. These NFTs can be utilized in the game to raise your productivity score and help you earn more money. You could, for example, purchase a vehicle and drive over Mars’ surface delivering items and collecting fees.


If you’re searching for a hidden gem project to invest in, the Mars4 project is worth checking into, since the company is working on major releases for the next month, including the demo version of the game, Mars Control Center, and in-game NFTs. All Mars4 NFT landowners will be able to try out a demo of the play-to-earn game. NFT holders will use the Mars Control Center to manage their assets, examine earned income, and collect it. In-game NFTs boost the Mars4 project’s passive (community pool) and active (upcoming game) income. Jumping in early just before these releases is an easy way to accumulate revenue.

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