Utan’Clan Launches Orangutan-focused Collection With 6,500 Randomly-Generated NFTs

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Despite being invented years ago and having multiple implementations, non-fungible tokens entered the grand stage in 2021 as the number of celebrities, businesses, sportspeople, and (almost) everyone in between began buying, minting, or launching their own collections.

This led to a mind-blowing number of projects seeing the light of day daily. While most tend to copy and paste ideas and executions from one another, very few were able to separate themselves from the pack with distinguishable features.

Utan’Clan aims to be one of those by linking its upcoming digital collections to real orangutans – animals that are already scarce with just 65,000 left worldwide.

Utan’Clan’s NFT Arrival

Aside from being connected to real orangutans, the team behind the project outlined the features for its NFT release upon launch. As there are six real such animals living in Borneo and Sumatra (Mona, Victoria, Banir, Hope, Mamat, and Siboy), they will be projected in the form of non-fungible tokens on the fictional play island – Utan’Clan World. There will be four more orangutans announced later.

Additionally, the connections to real orangutans, only 65,000 left in the whole world, allows Utan’Clan NFT holders to support these animals. To further enhance its support, the team also established connections with the Orangutan Rescue organization, which protects those animals and their habitat.

The project launched on Aurora – an Ethereum Virtual Machine created by the team behind the NEAR Protocol – as it wants to utilize its turn-key solutions for developers to operate apps on an Ethereum-compatible, high-throughput, and scalable platform with low transaction fees.

The team also highlighted some of the similarities and differences behind their project and the Bored Ape Yacht Club. The main contrast comes from the fact that BAYC has become a status symbol, according to the people behind Utan’Clan.

However, their NFT project wants to focus more on building a sustainable and fair digital world, in which orangutans are the main characters. Owning such a piece of digital art allows the user to be a part of a project contributing to a real better world, the team explained.

Additionally, The people behind the protocol are currently working on a blockchain game that revolves around orangutans. Your Utan’Clan NFT is users’ ticket to play. The promising thing is that real content from the adoption centers can be used in the project. Through NFTs, customers are digitally connected to a real orangutan.

About the Project

The year is 2022, and there are only 65,000 orangutans left in the world (true story). Their habitat has been reduced by humans to just two locations – Sumatra and Borneo. On the latter, there’s an island shaped in the form of a heart – Utan’Clan World.

Utan’Clan wants to bring a unique digital collection of 6,500 randomly-generated NFTs, allowing holders to support real orangutans.


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