Viral Dragon Meme Coin Smog Begins Rally – Sponge Follows with a 200% Surge

The crypto market is experiencing some interesting movements within the last few days.

One of the tokens that grabs the spotlight again is Smog. The sensational new meme coin hints at an eventful week, recording a 24-hour surge of 10.72% on Tuesday. Smog token went viral for its dragon-themed crypto airdrops in the Solana community.

Sponge is another hot meme coin of this season. Riding the pre-halving rally, Sponge has registered a 205% jump on the monthly chart, while Scotty the AI presale sold out ahead of schedule.

Smog Token is Ready for Another Pump

Smog token took the market by storm in February 2024. While most of the meme coin market is crowded with flimsy puppy tokens, Smog stands apart with a dragon theme. SMOG’s fresh narrative has enabled it to carve out a distinctive niche.

SMOG 7-day price action, CoinMarketCap

The meme community was quick to onboard the trend, sending SMOG 600% up the chart in less than a month.

Although the market cap of Smog has expanded to $231 million over the last few days, it pales in comparison to high-cap competitors like Pepe, Bonk, and Dogwifhat.

The comparatively lower market cap and the growing momentum surrounding the crypto airdrops have turned the dragon token into a viral phenomenon. The airdrops are hosted on Zealy.

Initially introduced on Solana, SMOG is building a multichain infrastructure. It is now accessible on the Ethereum blockchain.

1.5 Million Quests Completed

In addition to its speculative meme coin allure, the ongoing crypto-airdrop campaign is drawing large traffic to SMOG.

Participants who purchase and hold $SMOG tokens accumulate airdrop points, boosting their chances of winning the contest. But joining the SMOG quests on Zealy offers another opportunity to strengthen the prospect of success and collect additional airdrop points.

The quests involve simple tasks such as following Smog on social media channels.

1.5 million quests have already been completed, according to the latest update from the project. Touted as the “greatest airdrop of all time,” the strategic approach has played a pivotal role in fostering a community of committed investors for Smog. It fortifies the meme coin’s resilience against market downturns.

Staking, Burning, Dragons, and Airdrops: A Promising Trajectory

SMOG tokens recently unveiled its staking protocol, offering returns of up to 42% APY. Through staking, investors can grow their token holdings, collecting the benefits of long-term ownership.

A burning mechanism is also likely in the pipeline, which is expected to boost potential returns for early investors by leveraging the inverse relationship between token supply and price.

The top 5 meme coin rankings are currently held by four dog coins and one frog coin. The widespread reception of the dragon-themed meme coin indicates the shifting trends, however. Listings on tier-1 exchanges could secure SMOG a position on the top 5 list.

Prominent crypto analysts and traders, including Matthew Perry and Jacob Bury, recently featured the project with an optimistic investment outlook.  According to Jacob Bury, SMOG is a potential 100x low-cap gem. Investors get a 10% OTC discount on SMOG token purchases directly from the website now.

AI Crypto Meme Coin $SCOTTY Sold Out – Last Chance to Buy Before Exchange Listing

Viral meme coin sensation $SCOTTY has sold out after witnessing massive traffic. The presale has raised $7.7M so far.

According to the website, $SCOTTY comes with advanced AI capabilities that allow him to “roam the endless expanse of code and algorithms that made up the digital world, always staying one step ahead of those who sought to catch him”.

Users can buy $SCOTTY for a fixed price of $0.01 for a short window before the exchange listings begin.

Why is SPONGE Pumping?

SPONGE is another meme coin gainer of March. The SpongeBob-themed meme coin has exploded 70% over the week, setting an all-time high on March 9. A growing wave of FOMO is behind the Polygon-based token’s expanding holder base.

To begin with, SPONGE offers some of the highest staking rewards in the meme coin space. Early adopters got up to 530% APY on their SPONGE holdings.

SPONGE 1-month price action, CoinMarketCap

Just recently, SPONGE bridged from V1 to V2. SPONGEV2 offers a 481% annual reward rate on Polygon now. The compelling staking reward system is designed to consistently push the price pressure.

An immersive play-to-earn (P2E) game that is currently in the pipeline has also fuelled the buying frenzy. Crypto analysts like ClayBro and Franklin Emmanuel have further broadened the project’s exposure to new communities.

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